EASTONTECH Coaxial Cable Wire Stripping Machine Features
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Common quality concerns for coaxial cable stripping process :

1. The cable is not positioned correctly when stripping, and it is easy to slip and deviate, which will cause the inner layer or shielding layer of the cable to be strained;

2. The feed angle of the blade of the wire stripper cannot be kept perpendicular to the axis of the cable, resulting in defects in cutting accuracy or complicating control.

EASTONTECH wire stripping machine, in terms of appearance, tool holder, and overall, are all independently developed. After more than ten years of development, the performance has reached the best. EASTONTECH uses four blades and four positioning pieces to locate the cable, and uses the common limit of the knife holder seat and the knife cover to ensure that the knife feed angle is perpendicular to the cable, thereby ensuring the accuracy of stripping.

In addition, our tool holder design also has the following advantages:
1. Simplify the mechanism of the cutter thrust sleeve, knife holder and knife holder seat, making it easier to process and assemble, while reducing the number of knife holders, blades and positioning pieces used, saving costs;

2. The four-piece knife and positioning piece are combined into a diamond-shaped positioning and cutting mechanism to prevent the cable from deviating during the cutting process and achieve precise positioning. The blades and positioning pieces are always perpendicular to the cable axis during operation to ensure The cutting is vertical and the incision is flat, which guarantees the stability of the equipment. At the same time, the vertical cutting makes the conversion between the moving distance of the blade and the cutting depth easier and simplifies the control program.

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