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Custom Refrigerator Wiring Harness For Dual Zone Wine Chiller
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A refrigerator wiring harness is a set of organized electrical wires, terminals and connectors that are manufactured to transmit signals and energy in a system. These wire harnesses control power source, lights, system gauges and other peripherals. Wire harness assemblies are the backbone of any electromechanical system.

Precision Cable Assemblies designs and manufactures custom wire harnesses for many OEM applications. Manufacturers incorporate wire harnesses into their application for power control, sensing capabilities and more.

PCA has worked with OEMs in many industries and applications.

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Refrigerator Wiring Harness

Just recently, PCA was contacted by a refrigerator/wine chiller OEM to address some of the major issues that they faced regarding the design of their current wiring harnesses. Their product was a dual-zone, under the counter wine chiller. The issues that they faced were:

  • The original OEM's refrigerator wiring harness design required 3 cumbersome, 50-75 circuit harnesses
  • The header style connection did not have assembly orientation. This caused connection pins to become displaced, or bent, during the assembly process

By proper selection of the connective devices, PCA manufactured one refrigerator wiring harness that replaced all three. This alone simplified spare part support for the customer and their purchasing department. Another solution that PCA provided was a polarized or keyed connector. This style of connector simplified the assembly process and prevented users from connecting the peripherals incorrectly or reversed. This type of connection avoided displacement, or breaking, the connection pins.

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