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Stripping machine types and functions
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Stripping machine types and functions
First, what is stripping machine
Stripping machine is a wire processing equipment, mainly used for stripping the protective layer outside the wire, widely used in automotive wiring harness processing, audio processing lines and data lines, scrap wire dismantling recycling and other industries. According to their functional classification, can be divided into electronic wire strippers, coaxial stripping machine, scrap cable stripping machine.
Second, the stripping machine functions
(1) electronic wire stripping machine: electronic wire stripping machine can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic wire stripping machine stripping machine. Automatic wire stripping machine, also known as stripping machine, generally using a stepper motor or servo motor drive, controlled by PLC or microcontroller programming, automatic working, it can specify the length of the wire by stripping off and two, while there are many enhancements models, such as: support for middle peel small window, support for multi-core wire twisted wire, cable supports automatic sub-line, support for multi-layered insulation wire stripping, etc.; semi-automatic stripping machine requires manual operation, it can effectively fill gaps automatic stripping machine can process automatic wire stripping machine can not be completed, such as large cable, stripping sheathed cable core lines.
(2) coaxial stripping machine: coaxial stripping machine dedicated to the processing of the signal line, such as: audio cables, routers, antennas, laptop data lines. Such a protective layer is generally harness 3 or more layers, in general, a metal layer for shielding braid signal interference, high machining accuracy, almost impossible to complete the manual processing of such a wire harness. Coaxial stripping machine using rotary heads were peeling, stripping can be accurately stratified layers, high accuracy. It is also divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic models, semi-automatic coaxial wire strippers require manual operation, automatic coaxial cable stripping machine can be fully automated to work without human.
(3) Waste Cable Stripping Machine: scrap cable stripping machine is a waste wire and cable recycling equipment, copper cables can be separated with an insulating layer were recovered. It generally uses a blade to cut the cable surface, and then through squeeze rollers, the separation of the sheath and copper. For smaller waste lines and scattered, generally copper-meter machining, copper wire wire-meter machine can be crushed, and then shake presses and other equipment using water copper grain leather with a line separation.
Third, how to choose stripping machine
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