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Introduction stripping machine glitches approach
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When we operate a computer wire strippers, sometimes it may malfunction, this time we will look in the end what is the reason and solve it in order to ensure continued good work, here we introduce a small failure solution, if you have encountered the same problem, you can reference it.
1. Stripping machine fuse to burn a boot explosion;
2. Stripping machine can not run, sending wire wheel does not work;
3. Wire stripping machine screen appears too thick;
4. Voltage is too low;
Appears above circumstances, the first is due to the stripping machine in the drive plate in a three or more block corruption, will lead to more poor appeared to find the way we look at what the next solution is:
       Board test drive, first remove the damaged one, if the machine can be started, and the rear wheels just no work, then the problem is the driver board. Need to repair or replace the driver board, replace the fuse.
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