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Stripping machines and video machines online beam processing importance
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Applied to our lives in a variety of electrical and electronic products, including automotive and aerospace, wiring harness is an important part of successful products, research and development must be considered for each product in the product application harness; as wire processing equipment stripping machine on the production line and terminal machine bundle is especially important, you want to know the wiring harness processing must understand the performance of stripping machine and terminal machines.
First, talk about some of the features stripping machine
1 stripping machine is a line of processing equipment for the electronics within 3mm2 line in the cutting can cut 15 meters, stripping length up to 120mm, 32 # -14 # wire can be arbitrary processing, not to hurt the wire, accuracy within 2 meters can be adjusted, error-free, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and ensure the wire processing accuracy.
2 cable stripping machine is used in a large square of thick cable wire processing machines, widely used in elevators, automotive industry; ensure the safety wire in these products, and in the pursuit of advanced technology to solve the stripping machine a variety of different lengths of wire thick wire problems, all computer controlled, button operation, LCD, four-wheel drive, stripping wide range for our customers;
Talk about the role of terminal machine functions
Simply put terminal wire processing machine is a machine to use, it can suppress the metal head to the wire ends, and then do conduction. Terminal machine to break out of the terminal is usually more convenient to connect, do not have to weld the two will be able to stabilize the wires together, and I just pulled out the demolition on it;
Development of computer and terminal machine stripping machine to promote the technical progress of the electronics industry, from the original to today's semi-automatic, labor costs continue to increase in the social, automation technology is that we continue to show the goal.
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