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The difference between automatic and semi-automatic terminal crimping machine machine
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1, automatic terminal machines is the integration of a server (silent type) terminal machine, he's operating principles and general terminal machines are not the same, just give a message to the server, and then pass this information on motor, automatic video machines will be able to line into an action.
2, semi-automatic terminal machines, we are generally known as video machines, which is now above the general market, we often see the kind of upright type of desktop video machines, video machines which have brought a foot off the clutch, because the terminal machine is running, its motor motor is kept functioning, depress the foot of each will give an "O" of the power signal. This is a machine of our most common type of terminal.
Terminal machine can also be called terminal crimping machine, or terminal crimping machine. As companies increasingly marching to the automated production machine market in recent years have been automatic terminal crimping machine to account for more than half the market, and its high efficiency automatic terminal machines, free manpower, high precision, ultra-quiet, etc. advantages to win the majority of enterprises alike.
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