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2016 New Model for Cable Taping/Wrapping Machine EW-AT-301
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EW-AT-301 Wire taping machine is our company¡¯s new model of 2016, dedicated to the application of spot /continuous/flower taping in the automobile wire harnessing industry.


EW-AT-301 has introduced high tech easy-control system from Japan with innovation on the sensor system, which enables it¡¯s high flexibility and accuracy in production while reduces the costs. Moreover, it also features with user-friendly and low maintenance advantages. So it has soon become one of the most popular wire taping machines in the market right after it is introduced.


If you need a cable taping machine with limited budget and seek flexible solutions, please contact us for a customized solution. I am sure EW-AT-301 can surprise you !


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Skype: candy.wu036


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