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Model:Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine (0.1 - 6 mm²)

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Function:  wire  cutting,  double-end  stripping,  middle  stripping
Wire  range:  0.1-6mm2(AWG30-12)
Cutting  length:  0.1mm-99999.9mm
Stripping  length:  stripping  head  0.1-250mm,
                                    stripping  tail  0.1-70mm
Intermediate    strip:16(can  be  customized)
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  • 1. The EW-3010 belongs to our upgrade model automatic wire cutting and stripping machine series. It's designed to meet high demanding wire processing.

    2. Hybrid stepper motor, integrated control board, mute subdivision driver, offers precise cutting and stripping, low noise, no noise pollution.

    3. Processing capabilities: full strip, partial strip and multi-step stripping, max 13 steps.

    4. The EW-3010 integrates new functions:

     -  Instead of traditional pulse adjustment, the EW-3010 use innovative and intelligent way to measure wire size and set stripping diameter.

     -  Automatic correction of cutting length saves much time and ensure the cutting accuracy.

     -  STEP function show every single step clearly, it's very helpful for initial operation,training operator and troubleshooting.

     -  Detection of lack wire, when wire is used up, the machine automatically stops working and sounds alarm to report it.

    5. LCD touch screen and user-friendly interface make the operation and program much easier.

    6. Data center stores 100 programs to meet the needs of small batch sizes and various wire types.

    7. The EW-3010 combines good mechanical parts, skillful crafts and structure, offers long service life.

    8. Language and interface are changeable as customers' requirements.

    9. CE-Conformity: the EW-3010 complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

  • Model



    Wire cutting, double-end stripping, middle stripping

    Wire range


    Cutting length


    Stripping length

    Stripping head:0.1-250mm stripping tail:0.1-70mm

    Stripping accuracy

    Silent hybrid stepper motor 0.01mm

    Intermediate strip

    16 (can be customized)


    3000-8000 / h

    Blade material

    Imported tungsten steel / high speed steel


    AC110V/220V  50/60HZ


    470mm * 450mm * 350mm



    Remark function

    Automatic entry / exit, timing start, jog adjustment


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